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Our Austin Air Conditioning Services

Man repairing an Air conditioning unit in Austin, Texas

AC Repairs

Every resident of Austin knows how intense Texas summers can be. At Bryant AC & Electric, we understand the necessity of having a well-functioning air conditioner unit, especially in the scorching summer months. Our air conditioning repair team takes pride in helping to ensure that your home is properly cooled and as energy-efficient as possible. We accomplish this by conducting fast, safe, and effective AC repairs in Austin and the surrounding area. Whether you live in Buda, Kyle, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Bee Cave, or elsewhere in the Austin area, our AC repair specialists have got you covered with quality repairs and excellent customer service. Schedule your AC repair appointment today to get your home’s air conditioning system up and running!

AC Replacement & Installation

There are numerous benefits to installing a brand new air conditioning system in your home. Our Bryant AC units, for example, are designed to safely and effectively cool your Austin home while minimizing noise and keeping your energy costs in check. Older air conditioning units are not often built to modern energy efficiency standards, so they tend to be a major reason for steep energy bills. Whether your current AC system is broken and needs to be replaced or you need an AC unit for a new construction build, be sure to secure superior AC replacement and installation services in Austin, TX! Our team of Austin air conditioning professionals will work to ensure that your AC replacement or installation meets your home’s specifications and makes sense for your budget.

Man testing newly replaced Air conditioning unit in Austin, TX
Worker performing maintenance on an air conditioning unit in Austin, TX

AC Maintenance

Regular AC maintenance is an essential part of getting the most out of your Austin air conditioning system. This is especially true in the months leading up to the summer, as no one wants to turn on their AC for the first time that year, only to find out that there is a problem. Contact our Austin AC maintenance team today so that we can methodically inspect your AC system and make any necessary fixes, ensuring that your AC unit is ready to go in the searing hot summer months and all year round.

Customer Benefits

Professional Knowledge

Each of our experienced technicians is NATE-certified and has an in-depth knowledge of everything related to air conditioning units, parts, systems, and issues that they apply every day to the AC repairs and installations we do in Austin, TX. Whether we’re working on your current AC unit or installing a Bryant AC unit, our specialists are prepared to handle anything thrown their way.

Save Money

With Bryant AC, a simple AC repair or replacement can increase the efficiency of your unit and help ensure that your Austin home is up to modern energy standards. You can even reduce energy consumption and save money with one of our intuitive, smart thermostats. Whether you need AC repairs, maintenance, or replacement/installation, Bryant AC can help you save money on electric bills simply by working on your system.

Energy Efficiency

Whether we’re installing a Bryant AC unit or repairing your existing one, our specialists are able to maximize the energy-efficiency of your unit and system. Our new Bryant AC units are even designed with modern energy-saving technology. Our units and services are more environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient than lots of units on the market, so contact Bryant AC when you’re ready for expert AC services.

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Common AC Issues

Improper AC Installation

Each of our experienced technicians is NATE-certified and has an in-depth knowledge of everything related to air conditioning units, parts, systems, and issues that they apply every day to the AC repairs and installations we do in Austin.

Leaking Refrigerant

Loss of refrigerant, due to a leak in the unit’s closed-loop system, can damage an AC unit’s ability to transfer heat effectively and manage air temperatures accordingly.

Electric Circuitry

If electric circuitry within an AC system begins to fail, the issue can completely incapacitate the system and keep it from running altogether.

Draining Issues

Condensation facilitated by air conditioning units is regularly removed by drain lines attached to AC units. When these lines are interrupted or clogged, humidity can travel to areas of the home and cause significant problems.

Capacitor Problems

Without the system capacitors functioning properly, AC unit motors will fail to start and be unable to control indoor temperatures.

Dysfunctional Motors

Motors failing to run efficiently or at all can incapacitate compressors, blowers, and other parts, leaving the system without necessary functions to operate.

…I had a chance to talk to one of the City Inspectors (at the start of my project) who assured me- and I’m paraphrasing- ‘I’ve never had a problem with any work done by the folks at Bryant’. That’s worth the price of admission.”
Akash S. – Austin TX

I’ve used Bryant Electric Service twice and both times where great. They worked efficiently from what I could tell. They were also very courteous and took the time to answer my questions which I liked. They explained everything they were doing which was also very nice.
Melva G. – Austin TX

Air Conditioning FAQs

No, most air conditioners use air circulated from inside, as it is more energy efficient to further cool the air inside, instead of having to do much more work to cool the hotter outdoor air. For instance, if it is 90° outside and 75° inside and you want to cool your home to 65°, it will be much easier for your air conditioner to cool from 75° to 65° than it would be to go from 90° to 65°. If your air conditioner isn’t efficiently cooling and circulating air, schedule a service appointment with our Austin air conditioning repair company today.

The outside fan is an important part of your air conditioning unit that helps to remove the hot air from your system and safely circulate it outside. If this fan is not working, it can cause damage to your AC unit by overheating essential parts. If you don’t think your fan is running, you may want to stop using the unit until it can be inspected by an air conditioning repair expert.

A SEER rating is the maximum efficiency rating. SEER gauges your AC unit’s cooling efficiency by calculating the cooling output for a typical hot weather season, divided by the total electrical energy input during the same time frame.

Most Bryant air conditioners boast a solid SEER rating when compared to the cost of the unit. While some brands may be slightly more energy efficient, that usually comes at the cost of higher unit prices. If your goal is to save money, it is important to remember to compare the cost of the units and how much they can save on future energy bills. Be sure to ask your air conditioning professional if you have any questions about your AC unit’s energy efficiency.

Excess water is generally a byproduct of cooling humid air. When an AC unit is cooling air, excess water will condense and be removed through a drain tube. This water is generally safe and unlikely to have any type of environmental effect. However, if the water is not able to properly drain, it can create an environment for mold and bacteria to grow in your unit. If you believe that your AC system is not properly draining, you will want to contact an experienced air conditioner company to perform AC maintenance or repairs.

Filters are an essential component of your air conditioning system because they help to remove unwanted debris and particles from your air and stop them from circulating in your home. Most dust, dirt, mold spores, allergens, and other air contaminants can be mitigated with a modern AC unit and filtering system. Regularly changing your filter can help to improve the air quality of your home and are especially crucial for asthma and allergy sufferers. If you are having trouble with your air quality or AC filters, you can schedule an appointment with a local air conditioning expert to ensure that your home is protected.

Yes, Bryant AC conducts thorough AC repair and maintenance services on virtually all air conditioning units.

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