electrician wiring an electrical outlet

Bryant Electric Service offers electrical outlet installation and replacement services for single and multi-family residences in the Austin, TX area. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee assures that your electrical work will be done to code and to the highest safety standards.

Electrical Outlet Wiring

The maintenance and proper addition of electrical outlets to your home are crucial to your electrical safety. Some older Austin homes may still use outdated electrical outlets that were made using outdated wiring standards and do not keep up with the demand of modern electronic devices.

If you are unsure about installing a new electrical outlet in your home, it is important to contact an electrician. Electrical outlets should be installed with extreme care and planning to avoid electrical shorting and overloading of your home’s circuit. If you need an electrical outlet wired in your home, Bryant Electric Service is here to help.

Outdoor Electrical Outlet

Outdoor electrical outlets are convenient for using power tools, hooking up outdoor lights, and plugging in any outdoor electronic devices. Outdoor outlets need to be installed with extreme care because of the added risk of electrical shorting from water and moisture. Power tools like a table, circular, and chop saw will draw a lot of power when plugged in. If an electrical outlet is not installed correctly, an electric power tool can cause a power surge in your home. When you choose Bryant Electric Service you can rest assured that all of your electrical work will be installed with the best practices and electric codes in mind.

Electrical Outlet Covers

If your outdoor electrical outlets do not have covers, your home is at risk of an electrical shock. Electrical outlets that are in outdoor settings are susceptible to water damage which can break down the internal connections or cause a short circuit in your home.

Outdoor Electrical Conduit

If you need to power an area that is away from your home, we can install an outdoor electrical conduit. An electrical conduit is an insulated power cord that is weatherproofed and protected from the elements. We can do anything from installing a conduit to power nearby tree lighting to wiring power into a shed or workshop.

Electrical Outlet Not Working?

Bryant Electric Service is here to help with any electrical issues and troubleshooting. If your electric outlet is not working, it is a strong sign that there is an electrical safety hazard in your home. Homes that are older in the Austin area tend to have faulty wiring connections that will give out when put under the stress of modern appliances and electronics. If an electric outlet does not work even if the electrical circuit has been reset, contact Bryant Electric Service for assistance.

New Electrical Outlets

Two-prong outlets and non-protected three prong outlets pose electrical safety hazards in your home. Two-prong outlets do not have a grounding wire which means when an electrical short circuit occurs, the energy will build up in your electronic device rather than flowing safely to the ground.

Non-protected three prong outlets offer additional electrical safety with a grounding wire but still pose the risk of electrical shock. A GFCI outlet offers the additional protection directly at the outlet. If your home needs an electrical outlet upgrade there are many options on the market. Bryant Electric Service can help you chose which outlets are best throughout your home and work with you to achieve the best electrical outlet upgrades for the right price.

220v Outlets

Large appliances like electric water heaters, electric dryers, and electric stoves require more voltage than a normal wall outlet. A normal outlet provides 110 volts and is ideal for powering most small and medium sized electrical devices. Larger appliances require double the power that a normal outlet can provide and it will need a larger circuit breaker to be installed in the service panel box.

4-Prong Outlets

4-prong outlets are the safest method of powering a large appliance in your home because of the added benefits of having separate ground and neutral wires. 3-prong outlets combine the neutral and ground wire which causes risk for an electrical shock when a short circuit occurs. Having separate grounding and neutral wires ensures that electrical discharges do not build up on metal housings and capacitors.

RV Electrical Outlet

Recreational vehicles use 220v outlets to power the internal electronic devices and appliances like air conditioning, refrigerators, and lights. Bryant Electric can install these types of electrical outlets on the outside of your home. Power adapters can be purchased to plug 4 and 3-prong outlets into a normal power outlet, but these adapters are not safe and will not provide enough power. Ensure maximum safety with your investment and have Bryant Electric Service install an RV electrical outlet outside your home.