Expert Smart Lighting Installation

Smart lighting systems are designed to increase the convenience and security of your home or business. With revenues expected to double by 2023 (according to Statista), smart lighting is becoming a standard addition for residential and commercial properties. Our team can help take your home to the next level with expert smart lighting installation.

The Bryant Electric Service team only employs the best electricians in Austin and San Antonio, which means that you can trust us to properly install and integrate your smart lighting systems. We maintain a consistent standard of excellence by only hiring electricians with at least 10 years of experience. We take pride in offering the highest level of smart home services and expertise to our residential and commercial clients in the Austin and San Antonio areas.

Benefits of Smart Lighting for Your Home or Business

Smart lights have a variety of benefits that range from saving money to improved security. Our team can integrate your lighting system to be voice activated or accessible from your mobile phone or other smart device. Benefits include:

  • Set your lights to come on when you aren’t home or program them for certain times, making it seem as if you were there. This can help deter criminal activity like burglaries and vandalism.
  • Pre-programed settings can be used to mitigate seasonal affective disorder by changing the warmth or intensity of your lights
  • Smart lighting can help you get better sleep by adjusting the lighting for the time of day. Dim, warmer lights in the evening can help you transition to healthier sleep cycles at night
  • Smart lighting can help save you money by regulating power usage. You won’t ever have to worry about forgetting to turn off a light again!
  • Smart lighting can also be fun. You can program or adjust your lights to change intensity and colors for things like parties or events

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