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Power surges are random spikes in electrical energy. If there is a surge in your power grid, they can travel through electrical systems and fry any appliances connected to the network. For a variety of reasons, the electrical supply in most locations often varies wildly, from lower than expected, to voltages much higher than you might imagine. These “voltage transients” or surges can reduce the life of many electrical products and appliances, and quickly damage others.

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Causes of Electrical Surges

80% of all electrical surges come from household appliances. You are more likely to get your power grid blown out by using a hairdryer than a lightning strike.

Inconsistent voltages are most often caused by the sudden influx of electrical current required to feed air conditioners and other large appliances as they are switched on at intermittent intervals. Shop tools and nearby construction projects are other common causes of electrical transients. Surges from these tools can degrade the quality of other electric connections in your home, and significantly shorten the lifespan of your devices.

Electrical storms are another cause of these surges. Even without a direct strike, lightning can induce strong electrical surges in nearby electrical lines, sending these surges into our homes and businesses, and wreaking havoc on valuable electronics and other sensitive electrical systems and devices.

Many of our electrical devices and appliances contain built-in surge control systems, but it’s difficult to know which of these are protected and which aren’t. Built-in surge protectors aren’t always robust enough to protect electronics from severe transient events, and many of these surge arresters have a limited life, breaking down over time after withstanding multiple surges.

Because of this, you need to prepare your home. Plugging your appliances into a surge protector offers very little help. Bryant Electric Service has the tools and know-how to surge-proof your home.

Whole House Surge Protectors in Austin, TX & Surrounding Areas

Whole house surge protectors allow good electricity from your utility provider to come in, while also preventing surges from inside your home. This regulation of good electricity offers superior surge protection for your whole house.

Bryant Electric Service works with Eaton Electrical, one of the biggest names in power grid safety. Together, they offer whole house surge protection, which can prevent surges before they reach your home.

The devices used to prevent whole house surges mount easily into your breaker box or inside the main panel in your home. The surge protector takes in the excess electricity and prevents it from going to your power grid.

Once the electricity is in the box, the protector grounds it. This grounding prevents electricity from affecting any electrical sources around it, making it a safe repository for any excess power.

Bryant Electric Service has installed Whole House Surge Protection for many of our clients. We have seen the results work hundreds of times, and we want to bring that success to your home or business’s electrical grid.

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Get superior surge protection with the Eaton Ultra Surge Protector!

When a power surge occurs on the power grid or even inside your home, you do not want to be left without protection from malfunction. Without whole house surge protection, a surge can travel through your home, overloading electrical devices, appliances, and shorting out breakers and wall outlets.

As the storm season approaches, we strongly urge home and business owners to invest in premium surge protection.

Integrated Surge Protectors in Austin, TX

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