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Bryant Electric Service provides a variety of professional lighting and electrical services for your residential home. Indoor lighting must be properly installed to provide you with the energy and light you need while avoiding any potential problems that could occur from faulty wiring.

Our home lighting services range from ceiling light repairs to track lighting, wall sconces, pendant fixtures, fluorescent ballast change outs, and more.

Types of Light Bulbs

There are a variety of types of lightbulbs available on the market ranging from incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, and LED lights. Each light bulb type varies according to their longevity, cost, as well as energy usage.

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Under-Cabinet Lighting

Most homeowners are careful to include lighting only where necessary due to the unsightly wires that could ruin an otherwise flawless kitchen look. Under-cabinet lighting allows for the installation of a light source for food preparation and cooking while also removing any visible wires.

Under-cabinet lighting gives your kitchen a much needed final finish with a discreet touch. Learn more by visiting our Cabinet Lighting Page.

Fluorescent Light Ballast Change Out

fluorescent light tubeSynonymous with office decor, fluorescent light fixtures are also found in homes around Austin. A benefit of fluorescent fixtures is their design, with ballasts being easy to remove to avoid removing the entire light fixture.

Ballasts help regulate the current that the lamps need to properly function while ensuring that proper voltage is being directed. It works by briefly supplying high voltage to form an arc between the electrodes inside of the light where the ballast quickly regulates the current to produce a steady output of light.

Our electricians can remove an old ballast and install a new ballast to provide your home with the lighting that you need.

Recessed Can Lights

Recessed-Can-Light-InstallationRecessed can lights provide your home with a flush, clean appearance. While they might feature a variety of safety features, they are also prone to needing repair. Sagging recessed can light trims or covers as well as blinking recessed light fixtures are among the most common issues.

LED Retrofit

With the advancement of new technology comes the need for old light fixtures to be updated. Thankfully, there is a way to help you enjoy the benefits of lower energy bills and improved performance through the use of our LED retrofit service.

A lighting retrofit is simply the renovation of old light fixtures that use outdated electrical technology with more modern offerings such as LEDs. This allows for an improvement in light output as well as the temperature of light.

The result is lower maintenance costs, increase in lighting quality, as well as a lower energy bill.

Outdoor Security Lighting

A dark home could be a potential target for burglars, whether it’s occupied or not. Outdoor security lighting helps give your home a much-needed aid to help deter intruders or to simply increase the feeling of safety. This is done by installing a light in the area of your choice to help increase visibility when it’s dark out.

Pendant Lighting

pendant lightPendant lighting is a single light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. They’re often seen hanging in kitchens as well as several other rooms around the home. Pendant light fixtures are available in a variety of styles that complement your home decor.

Ensuring that pendant light fixtures are properly installed is crucial due to their design which features them hanging from a single wire. This in turn could lead to issues such as flickering lights, light bulbs failing to turn on, and switches not turning on.

Track Lighting

Track lighting highlights specific areas or objects around your home through the use of a ceiling mounted track. This has the benefit of providing an energy efficient alternative to large area illumination.

Some track lighting issues that might occur include flickering when the track light is turned on as well as bad wiring.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces, also known as wall lights, are light fixtures which are connected to your home’s walls and provide indirect lighting. Due to this, wall sconces require an electrical box to be installed in order to properly provide the light fixture with the power it needs to light up the interior or exterior of your home.

Typically they use only one light bulb and are secured to the wall electrical box through a series of screws. An electric wire powers the wall sconce and ensures that the fixture receives the proper power it needs to provide lighting to your home.

Many homes have wiring for only one light fixture, which could cause problems for those looking to install a pair of wall sconces. To provide a clean look for your Austin home, an electrician can provide rewiring and install junction boxes to provide greater flexibility in the type of fixtures you’re looking to use.

Tree and Landscape Lighting

Enhancing the appearance of your home’s landscape through the use of lighting helps produce a beautiful appearance, while also providing a sense of security outside of your home. It can also help provide highlighting or silhouetting for your trees, illuminate a path or your garage, or to provide your garden the right lighting it needs.

To properly enjoy the benefits of tree and landscape lighting, a licensed electrician must install the correct wiring for your home.

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