Recessed Can Lighting

A popular new form of lighting for homes and offices is recessed lighting,

which is also known as recessed can lighting. Because these fixtures are fitted flush into ceilings, they provide a very clean appearance.

Recessed-Can-Light-InstallationEarlier forms of can light were inefficient, because they allowed air leaks into attic spaces. However, newer designs have sealed, “air-tight” enclosures, eliminating these concerns. In general, cans larger than 5 inches in diameter can be rated with the designation IC, an “insulation contact” rating, which means they pose no heat hazards when placed in contact with ceiling or attic insulation. IC ratings are an important consideration when planning for recessed lighting. Newer recessed lighting products can also include thermal switches which will reset itself automatically. These are another way newer recessed lighting can provide a safer environment in your home or workspace.

A very recent development in recessed lighting involves bright white LED lighting, or solid state lighting. More efficient and much longer lasting, these lighting units contain built-in power supplies, so they can be wired to existing 120 vac lines. If you are interested in more information or a bid for professionally installed recessed lighting, please contact Bryant Electric Service for more information.