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Bryant Electric Service in Austin is a proud installer of Lutron wireless home control systems for adjusting lighting and temperature. These systems allow you to customize your home’s comfort, no matter where you are. You regulate the amount of natural and electric light by using energy-conserving light controls and automated shades. Not only do homeowners love the convenience of Lutron technology, but they save money on their energy bills every year.

Lutron Makes It Possible.

When you break down the typical home’s energy use, you see that heating and cooling account for around 40% of costs. In turn, lighting covers an additional 12% of home energy. Lutron makes it possible to optimize your use of these amenities to save energy and lower your bills at the same time.

Lutron products are easy for our electricians to install and easy for homeowners to operate. For instance, the Lutron thermostat simply replaces your current thermostat and comes with a user-friendly touchscreen interface. Once the systems are installed, you can easily adjust your thermostat, shades, and lighting from everything from keypads to mobile devices and third-party systems.This means that on your commute home, you can turn on your lights and thermostat so you return to a bright, comfortable house without any extra expense. Lutron has even developed a Home Control+ app for the Apple Watch so that homeowners can effortlessly take charge of their automated home control systems by simply tapping their watch.

Are you ready to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient with just the touch of a button? Our experienced electricians are here to take your home to the next level with cutting edge technology from Lutron.

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