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Ensuring that your home is safe is a priority. Unfortunately, many Austin homes still have outdated electrical panels or are in need of replacement for their circuit breakers and electric meters. Failing to replace underperforming equipment could lead to your appliances lacking the power they need to properly work and could even cause an overload on the system.

Protect your home and family now by upgrading your electrical panel and ensure that your home is able to support the electric needs of modern appliances.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Ensuring that your home’s electrical system is able to support the ever-evolving variety of electrical devices is crucial. Most modern appliances could easily overload an outdated electrical panel, which could cause issues for your home.

Identified by their gray or painted metal box, electric panels are usually mounted in rooms such as the garage, closet, laundry room, and even outside of your home.

Old electrical panels can cause a variety of problems such as flickering lights, fuses that blow frequently, and tripped breakers. In some situations they can also lead to shocks, overheating, and fire which could put your family and home in danger.

It’s recommended that electric panels be upgraded when installing any large appliance such as HVAC units, stoves, washers, dryers, and more. Upgrades are also suggested when renovating your home to fully support the more modern appliances as well as the addition of any new outlets in your home.

Outdated electrical panels are easy to pinpoint since they commonly display the following:

  • Crackling sounds
  • Corrosion on the panel
  • Overheating of conductors
  • Appliances running at weaker power
  • Lack of GFCIs in your home
  • Outdated electrical systems

Upgrading your electric panel ensures that all of your new appliances are supported and that your family and home are safe from any dangers that might occur from overloading your system.

Electric Panel Restoration

Electric panels are used to regulate the flow of electricity for your home while also being the main location of all electrical circuits. Electricity flows in through your electrical meter before reaching the circuit breaker panel where it is then routed for distribution among the various rooms of your home.

Using an outdated panel could lead to a risk in power surges and electric shocks

Restoring your electric panel allows for more power to be used by current appliances as well as the ability to handle new, modern appliances.

Circuit Breaker Box Replacement

Working with the breaker box is stressful for many homeowners, as it can affect the electricity throughout your entire home.

The breaker box is also commonly referred to as the service panel. This acts as the main power switch for your home or business. This is also the place you might look when your home blows a fuse. Wiring a breaker box yourself can be dangerous, so it’s recommended that you hire a licensed electrician if the panel needs attention.

The panel pulls in a great deal of electricity that could be very harmful if mishandled by someone who isn’t familiar with their box or doesn’t know where the main switch is located.

Electric Meter Replacement

Electric meters work by measuring the amount of electricity that your home or business uses through kilowatts per hour, which the electric companies then use as a measurement of billing.

Trying to install your own electric meter is usually time-consuming, expensive, and dangerous to do if performed by someone who is not a qualified electrician.

Bryant Electric Service provides electric meter replacements for the Austin area to insure that your meter is up to date and reporting the correct amount of electricity.

GFCI Breakers

Ground fault circuit interrupters, also known as GFCI breakers, are used to prevent the danger of electrocution. They’re usually found in areas where water might be present, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

GFCI breakers work by sensing differences in electricity that flows into a circuit, caused by contact with humans or water. If there is a change of a few milliamps it automatically trips or shuts off the circuit to prevent any damage.

A faulty GFCI breaker in need of repair could result in harm or even death of the person if not fixed promptly.

AFCI Breakers

Arc fault circuit interrupters, better known as AFCI breakers, are used to prevent the occurrence of electrical fires by disconnecting power in case of emergencies related to electrical arcs.

AFCI breakers work by breaking the circuit when there is a detection of dangerous electrical arcs in an effort to reduce the likelihood of electrical fires. Arcs occur whenever an electrical appliance is used, such as a light switch turning on and off. By preventing the occurrence of dangerous arcs, such as those caused by a broken conductor, the circuit is de-energized and the potential for fire is reduced.

Replacing or repairing your AFCI breaker is important to prevent any potential accidents that might occur as a result of using electrical components that would otherwise cause a fire.

Code Compliance

Bryant Electric Service complies with local and national electrical codes in the National Electrical Code, also known as NEC. The NEC is a standard used in electrical wiring to help set safety expectations in both a national and local setting as published by the National Fire Protection Association.

Electric code compliance is one of our key functions and we strive to perform our service to meet those regulations.

Electrical code violations could put your family and home at risk. Our electricians can perform an electrical system inspection to check that your home is up to code. This will ensure that all electrical components are safe to use and that your family and home will not be in danger.

We also provide upgrades for electrical components that might not meet the standards.

Our experienced electricians are ready to help you upgrade your home’s electric system. Contact Bryant Electric Service or schedule service today.