Energy Conservation

Conserving Energy for a Healthier Environment

Austin Energy, our city’s unique electric utility, is a global leader in its approach to green building, efficient energy conservation, and the harnessing of clean energy sources. By comparison, most cities depend upon coal and other fossil fuels for their electricity production. Coal is a particularly dirty energy source because it contains mercury and other dangerous chemical compounds. Even with improved containment measures, a percentage of these pollutants escape into the environment. The damage from this cannot be reversed.

However, the city of Austin now relies on fossil fuels for only a third of its electrical needs, with its extremely successful wind energy program providing another third. Because Austin is continually expanding its wind energy operations, we have a clear and very realistic objective for a future free from coal-based energy. This promises exciting improvements in the quality of air, water, and health for every person who lives and breathes in our community.

A future free from fossil fuel energy relies on two important factors:

  1. Clean energy from wind and solar sources, and
  2. Energy conservation, using common-sense building practices like green building design plus materials and efficient electrical components which reduce energy consumption.



At Bryant Electric Service, our commitment to a safe and healthy environment and our role in energy distribution unites us with Austin Energy in a common goal:
To reduce our energy consumption and better our quality of life.

We are helping locals reduce their carbon foot print by making alternative forms of transportation available. Bryant Electric Service is a certified Austin Energy commercial and residential EV charger installer.

In addition, we actively endorse Austin Energy’s groundbreaking incentives programs, and highly recommend frequent visits to Austin Energy’s website to study these generous programs carefully. Energy conservation is great for our environment, and also friendly on your bank account.

Whether you are building a new building, or simply remodeling, you owe it to yourself to do the math. You are probably getting a loan to pay for this construction over the next 15 to 20 years. So, although highly efficient heat pumps, smart thermostats, green building materials, and special features like LED lighting will mean greater initial costs, the money you save every month from Austin Energy rebates and lower utility bills may more than offset the added cost to your monthly mortgage payments. And remember, the cost of energy in 10 to 15 years will be a lot higher than it is now.

The small monthly savings you may realize now could pale in comparison to the significant energy savings you could potentially enjoy in the future.