Power Assessments & Diagnostics

Our Master Electricians are qualified to undertake the most challenging electric issues. They can assess the strength of your power delivery system and find out why you may be experiencing problems with electricity.

Why do I need my power system assessed?

Problems with your electrical circuits take nanoseconds to occur.

Problems with your electrical circuits take nanoseconds to occur. In a short time, your home life or business productivity can come to a halt. Getting a regular assessment of your power delivery circuit will prevent serious problems before they happen. It will also make sure that new problems won’t arise.

If you’re concerned about electrical safety in your home or business, consider a preemptive electrical assessment. If you’re currently dealing with electrical issues and need help fixing them, get a reparative diagnostic.

Preemptive Assessment

The technicians at Bryant Electric Service will do a full analysis of your power delivery structure. Afterward, we’ll let you know about potential faults, aging equipment, and dangerous threats to your electrical continuity.

Reparative Diagnostics

Don’t know what’s stopping your flow of electricity? Let us run through your electrical system and repair the damage before it causes major electrical interference.

What kind of problems can affect an electrical system?

Poor Connections

Flickering and recessed lights are signs that electrical connections have been compromised. Lights that burn extra bright or hot may indicate a bad main neutral connection between two circuits.

Non-Functioning Outlets

Ground fault circuit interrupter (or GFCI) outlets will switch off when they recognize a surge or overload. When non-GFCI outlets stop working, it probably means you have an incomplete circuit.

Tripped Breakers

Overloaded circuits can also cause your circuit breaker to switch off. To prevent catastrophes, your circuit breaker will prevent electrical circuits from completing. It’s a sign of unusually high electricity use.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Stop problems before they start and maximize the safety and efficiency of your electrical system. Call Bryant Electric Service at 512-456-3380 today!