Surge protector loaded with plugs being turned on

Are Surge Protectors Worth it?

A surge protector is an electrical device designed to protect electronics from harmful power surges. The most common surge protectors are found in the form of power strips that offer additional electrical sockets. It is important to use surge protector power strips to power important and expensive electronic devices like computers, televisions, and gaming consoles. But there are more electrical devices in your home that can benefit from surge protection.

Used Ground fault circuit interrupter electrical wall outlet with shallow depth of field

Why Do Outlets Spark?

An electric spark occurs when an excess amount of electricity discharges either to form an electric field or to find a connection. Electrical sparks can be normal, but there are some concerns with routine electrical sparking when you plug into an outlet. Electric sparks when you insert a plug into a wall outlet could be an indication of old connections, improper wiring, or moisture build up.

Person dimming the lights

How Does a Dimmer Switch Work?

A light dimmer is a piece of equipment that lets you adjust the light intensity of a bulb from low to high through the use of a TRIAC that restricts the flow of electricity to decrease the light of a bulb. This can make a room much more versatile. Plus, it’s convenient to use one bulb rather than a variety of bulbs with different watts to light a room.